Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prédateur 2.2 released

Since a little bit more than a year and a half, I've been working on a C++ "rewrite" of Prédateur. So this latest pascal version of my engine might well also be the last one, as the C++ version is getting mature and closer to delivery. This 2.2 version is most of all a speedup/bugfix release. Testers will tell, but I think the Elo boost might be bewteen +50/+100 compared with Prédateur 2.1.
The archives includes binaries for :
- win 32
- win 64
- Mac Intel
- MorphOS PPC

Here's what have changed:
  • A lot of speedup everywhere, made possible by using Intruments, XCode's code profiling tool.
  • The promotion "bug" is fixed, so Olivier and Leo should be happy, now ;)
  • Many ply-variables have been gathered into fieldbits, speeding up many parts of the engine.
  • The search has been polished and finely tuned.
  • Prédateur now understands the "go nodes xx" command.
  • Time management and response improved (Prédateur can now play games will less than 200ms per move).
  • perft is now available to everyone.
  • More binaries in the archive: MorphOS PPC added.
  • Many tidbits here and there I don't even remember.
Have fun, and happy new year 2012! :)

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