Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prédateur 2.2.1 "Bugfix" released

Because of constant pressure from Ruxy, Leo and Graham, and because the x32 version of Prédateur 2.2 was consistantly outplayed by Fernando Villega's Moron 1.0, I had no choice but to release this Prédateur 2.2.1 bugfix version.
I couldn't help but to temper with other things here and there, so its strength might be slightly different (more in the downside than in the upside).
(For some reasons, and because of the hurry, the Mac versions are a bit slow...)
Have fun with it and thank you all for your patience! :)

What changed:
  • fixed the ponder mode bug
  • fixed the time bug
  • x32 version works again
  • corrected a PST that mistakenly wasn't identical for both sides
  • a few tweaks here and there
  • Prédateur doesn't stop searching when it finds a mate anymore. That way it keeps searching while it still has time and maybe find a shorter one.
  • made all uci options lowercase (does CuteChess still protest?)
  • new binary added: MacOSX PPC