Monday, May 19, 2008

Prédateur 0.1.3b2 released

I now decided to release the last fully working version of Prédateur (that is, with no known bugs).

Amongst the improvements since v0.1.1 :

  • - transposition tables
    - many speedups
    - checkmate bug corrected : Prédateur should now always give the mate when there's one in range, and try to escape any checkmate menace it detects
    - more accurate info line
    - Evaluation function deeply modified, with many new euristics (wich might make it play even worse, hehe ;-) )
    - alpha beta move ordering improved.

I don't have the sources of this very specific version anymore, as the last sources I have for this Prédateur "classic" version are the ones for v0.1.3b4, which sadly has a bad bug making Prédateur selects bad variations from time to time (but even once in a game is enough to lose the game).

This version is untuched since nearly two months, as I'm in the process of rewriting Prédateur from scratch using bitboards.

Friday, May 16, 2008

You wanted it, you get it

All right... due to shameless and harsh popular pressure, I decided to release the old Prédateur 0.1.1.
This was a one month old version, so don't complain about any bugs you would find in this early version.
I must add that it was purely designed for engine to engine gantlets, and so lacks some uci commands to force it to play and so on...
I hope you'll have some fun toying with this early version anyway. =)
Download link on the right.