Monday, July 7, 2008

Prédateur 0.1.5 : Harder, Faster, Better

There we go! A new release For Prédateur. Several major bugs were corrected while many improvements were made. As you can see on this link, this version is really improved. The games for this tournament can be seen on this page.

New Functionalities :
- Verified Null-Move (tested working)
- Threat Extension
- Check Extension
- Singular Reply Extension
- Recapture Extension
- Pawn Push Extension
- Late Move Reduction (Thanks Dany!)
- Futility Pruning
- Extended Futility Pruning
- UCI command "go movetime xxxx", making possible to use Prédateur
with "x seconds per move" time ratings
- UCI command "go depth x", making possible to use Prédateur with
"search up to x plies" types "time" ratings
Modifications :
- Small tuning of the evaluation function.
(Hopefully) corrected bugs :
- Gigantic bug that made Prédateur play its last analyzed move before
the end of time instead of its best move found (as a result,
Prédateur was nearly playing randomly when in lack of time).
- Big bug in the hash tables : Prédateur did not take into account the
side to move when storing/retrieving positions in the hash.
- Small bug in the null-move that made it a R3 NM instead of a verified R3 NM.
- Various other unlisted small bugs.
Special thanks to Dany, Harald, Pradu and Andres!

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