Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New... and last release of Prédateur under this shape

Today I decided to stop keeping modifying Prédateur so I can set a breakpoint to this branch of the sources. I did so because I consider my move generator to be really too slow. It computes about 1 million moves per second for a reasulting search of 100-120KNodes/s. When one consider that engines like JetChess generate nearly 700 millions moves per second, one can just decide to change the design of ones engine. So starting from now, I'll write a new move generator from scratch for Prédateur and go back to the current developement point when I'll had managed to get a decent one.
Regarding this last release of Prédateur "One", version 0.1.2, it implemented Hash Tables (one for the AlphaBeta search and one for quiescence search), and benefited from several speed enhancements. Calculation speed is nearly doubled compared with Prédateur 0.1.1.


Olivier Deville said...

Hello !

I would be very interested to have Prédateur playing in my tournament :)

Please check to know more.

Olivier Deville,

JuLieN said...

Sure! I just mailed you a private version. Please don't release it. Cheers,